Dad’s Real Best Friend

My Father espoused the virtues of his real best friend. Dad would go no place without this friend. I can not recall  Dad having problems – such as – emergency urinating – and/or getting up at all hours of the night to “go”.  The home I grew up in was very small and the family was very large – we all knew everything about one another – the good and the bad (difficult to have a secret)  Dad did not get up at night to “go”!  ( I  have a secret — right now I am also watching the Celtics play basketball –I am a Celtics fan – you didn’t know that)  But Dad had none! I knew he regularly took saw palmetto tablets – a couple of times a day – I didn’t know why –  but I  know that he did.  Of course – now I know why – he was protecting himself against an enlarged prostrate – and yes it protected him – this was the  real best friend that he often referred to and looking  back – it really was and I recommend all of us males become best friends with saw palmetto! Saw palmetto has long been a popular remedy for our  prostrate issues – but despite its reputation for slowing your prostrate growth and improving your urine flow and reducing your urgent calls – the evidence is mixed. I am in the group that believes it helps you – getting up in the middle of the night is not a problem I have ever had to deal with and I am no kid! One recent study reported it was no better than a placebo but then over eighteen other trials proved that this “true friend” did not get its reputation for nothing. More than 3000 men proved that compared to placebos your saw palmetto improved their weak urinary flow by up to 50 per cent. The recommendation is 160 milligrams twice a day. I personally have found a supplement that has saw palmetto – lycopene – pumpkin seed and pygeum that is equal to Dad’s friend and even better. Please note that no matter whether you hook up with Dad’s friend or mine – the full benefits of it can take up to several months to kick in.  I hope you try mine which is called Urocaps. This true friend of my Father is sometimes taken in conjunction with pumpkin seed extract (480 milligrams a day taken in three doses). This provides a natural source of your beta sitosterols which may help improve your urinary flow –  my friend is all calibrated and all you take is one pill. It is all about to you but why use several products when my single pill will solve your problem – it sure has taken care of me! And as always you must live well to be well – to your wellness -don

Team Destiny